Green Bursaries 2014: KZN Dept of Health

The Department of Health is promoting careers in Health Sciences and is offering provincial bursaries for the following fields of study:

• Medicine • Radiography • Pharmacy
• Dentistry • B-Cur Nursing • BTech Nursing Optometry
• Speech Therapy • Audiology • Occupational Therapy
• Dietetics • Physiotherapy • Oral Hygiene
• Dental Therapy • EMRS • Clinical Associates
• Orthotics & Prosthetics Ultrasonography  • Podiatrist



    • The applicant must be from KwaZulu-Natalbursaries, 2014 Bursaries, Bursary Application Form, Department of Health
    • The applicant must have a good academic record
    • The applicant must have proof of application/registration to a Tertiary Institution
    • The applicant must not be in receipt of another bursary
    • The student must not have another degree/diploma
    • Recommendations will be made on a sliding scale in terms of parents income as follow:

R0 – R120000 (Tuition, Meals, Books, Accommodation)

R121000 – R150000 (Tuition, Meals and Accommodation)

R151000 – R200000 (Tuition, Accommodation, Books)

R201000 – R250000 (Tuition, Accommodation)

R251000 – R300000 (Tuition only)

How to Apply

All applicants may obtain a KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health Bursary Application Form from the nearest Government Hospital, Human Resource Department, to where your family home is in KwaZulu-Natal. DO NOT go to the nearest Government Hospital to where you stay while at University, it may not be your home town. You or a family member must collect and sign for the application form. You must return the FULLY COMPLETED form to the same Hospital you collected it from.



All you have to do is click here to fill in your details to become a part of our database.  We will be publishing our full list on our new website soon and will also send this list directly to all Bursary institutions in case they wish to contact persons who have applied on our list.  We will also keep you informed about any new bursaries in the future. Please note that this list is separate and indepenent from the application to the Bursary listed above.



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  1. Hai i am a lady of 35 nd am staying in pine town kzn.i would like to ask for help because i wish to studie a 4 year course as a nurse but i do not have any one who can help me get a bursarie or even a lernership.please help me.thank you.


    • ive also been applying, im doing occupational therapy also at medunsa. 3 weeks ago they called me and asked me to fax them my proof of registration, then then told me they got it. that was the last time i ever heard from them. u not the only one

  3. Hi, my name is Sthabile Mtetwa, i studying at University of Zululand doing a four year course of B-cur Nursing, i’m currently doing my second year and i can not afford 2 pay for my study fees, i am seeking for financial assistance if anyone can help me. Contact details: 0730499028

  4. Hi i completed matric in 2006 then i did end-user computing at pc training. Bt now i want to do social worker in 2015 at ukzn and i need fanancial assistance plz help. My number 0835910039

  5. I completed matric in 2013 , I was accepeted to study at University of pretoria , but I couldn’t because of financial obligations . I have applied at ukzn to study dental therapy for 2015 , I solemnly need financial assistace . Contact details email

  6. my name is yamkela mfeka i have bn doin matric lastyr i would like to get a basary for 2015 i would doin BSC FOUNDATIOn after dat i would be doin PHARMACY PLEASE HELP

  7. I finished my matric in 2005 nd I dd HIV/AIDS counselling @Attic in 2006 nd since then I’ve tryng to get funds to study I wanna be a nurse. I realy need help. Please

  8. hi iam studying with netcare nursing iam willing to know if will you be able to help me with nursing busary or scholarship? i have no one to help me with financ pls help.

  9. Hi am Nonjabulo Dweku,am 26years of age.i did my matric in 2006,am looking for a bursay on paramedic i’m hard worker and i stay at kwazunatal,i want to study at dut or can contact me in this number 0781127840

  10. i would like to join the green youth community to be told about new bursaries available. i need financial assisstance.

  11. I am female,18 years of age I reside at KZN and matriculated last year (2013) I obtained my bachelors degree with 1 level seven,4 level 6 and 2 level 5….being a medical doctor or diagnostic radiographor is my dream I am financialy needy please help me with a bursary,0732917609

  12. Nomfundo Buthelezi March 11, 2014 at 12:15 pm - Reply

    I’m 32 yrs of age, so wishing to get a bursary to study and become a professional socail worker, I’m very passionated to work for the community, to get this bursary my dream will come true, and it will be the change of my life as well as the community as a whole.

  13. hy, m 23Years old ,i finished my matric in 2009 i’ve been upplying for bussaries and leanerships bt i dnt get responds i really wish to study nursing one day i love it please help me finantialy please

  14. Hi I’m a high school student,currently in grade 12. I would love to further my studies at the university of kwa-zulu natal next year. I’m a very hard worker who has a burning desire for education. I am afraid I may not pursue my studies due to financial issues. I would appreciate it if I’d hear from this organisation soon

  15. I’m looking for any busaries in nursing course I am very desperate I realy need it I’ve matruiculated in 2007 and I have 25 points on my matric certificate I’m tryng in every way but notjing s coming right I tried so many time to save but my siblings need my support in everything they still young and in primary school I am the onli bread winner to them since I was 18 years now I’m 23

  16. I am a boy of 19 years of age living at Durban. I completed my Matric last year and obtained a Bachelors degree under these subject, Physical Sciences, Mathematics , agricultural sciences ,Life sciences , English , IsiZulu and Life orientation. I would like to see myself doing Medicine next year.

  17. Am looking for a busary on paramedics or EMRS as I wnt 2 help ppl around my country n and tht busary I want 2 study at DUT

  18. Am looking for paramedics or EMRS bursary at DUT. As I did my matric last year at 2014 n am from free state at qwaqwa n I’ll be happy if I can find assistance as I will like to do my national certificate in those subject

  19. I have successfully passed matric in 2010 with 2 A’s. I have a passion for nursing and love caring for people.unfortunately I don’t have the funds to pursue my dream.I really hope I could receive a bursary to help me get a head start in life. Please help me

  20. Im currently studying towards BTECH NURSING SCIENCE at Durban University of Technology. I would like to ask if it is possible for me to obtain a bussary this year since m doing my last year”4th year” of this cause. I reside in kzn and ilm in need of finences to finish my degree.

  21. I’m a BPharm student at nmmu,I reside in kzn and I’m looking for financial assistance,,I have got good academic A in mathematics and a B in physical sciences with 39 points excluding life orientation,any on who would like to contact me please use my email at

  22. My name is Philile Mhlanga I got accepted @UKZN for B Nursing.I need financial assistance as I have no means of paying for tution fees,textbooks and transport cost.I really want to forgo this wonderful oppurtunity but my mother is not working and my dad passes way.please help number is 0781285382 if you wish to contact me

  23. I’m sindisiwe from durban’ I want to study nursing’ but for the sake of financial problems I can’t. I want you to help me persue my dreams. I’ve got matric with good result.

  24. I’m sindisiwe from durban’ I want to study nursing’ but for the sake of financial problems I can’t. I want you to help me persue my dreams

  25. mncedisi mntungwa January 20, 2014 at 2:12 pm - Reply

    i am looking for the bursaries for the f.f fields of study education,health,law and agriculture.
    i passed my metric with good result of maths and science but i am having financial problems.

  26. nokubongwa precious khanyile January 18, 2014 at 4:00 pm - Reply

    Hi my name is Nokubongwa I’m 32 yrs old at Hammarsdale kzn. I wish to study Nursing but the problem is money so I will apreciate help thanks

  27. Busisiwe Mathobela January 17, 2014 at 8:33 pm - Reply

    Hi, I applied for a bursary from the Department of Health: King Edward Hospital last year(2013). I was wondering who I can ask for the outcome thereof. considering the absence of a reply so far should I apply again. I am a second year medical student at Stellenbosch University desperately looking for financial help.

    Thank you

    • Hi Busisiwe. I suggest that you consult with the nearest Hospital so as to inquire about that. For alternative there are also “SAMA Bursaries” that you can apply for and Mercedes Benz Bursaries. All these are for medical students. Good luck.

  28. I wish to study nursing but due to financial constrain I was not able to. I have applied for the government learnership but didn’t receive an reply . Please advice

  29. My name is Noleen . Becoming a nurse as always been my childhood dream . I love helping and assisting sick people . Due to my fanancail situation I am unable to do so. I would really be greatful given the opportunity to presure my dream .

  30. Hi my name is melissa and I am 24 ever since I was a small child I knew I wanted to me a doctor or a paramidic but due to my state of living I can not affort the money to live that dream my granny with whom I live with has had to raise and support my sister and I so there is no money to study or even think about studing it will mean a lot to me if u concider me for a bursarie u will help me to better my life help save a life and give back to the communtiy I grew up in thank you

  31. Hi,i’m Muziwakhe Ndima from KwaZulu-Natal(Newcastle),i’ll be doing Grade 12 this year(2014),i want to pursue my dream but only find it impossible to have funds to go for higher institutions,i have a dream of someday becomming a professional nurse,i really need financial aid,please help me.

    • Hi Muziwakhe. Use CAO application form to apply for Nursing at different institutions. You can apply for Nursing at University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), Durban University of Technology (DUT) and University of Zululand. Make it sure that you indicate in the CAO form that you need Financial Aid which is NSFAS. Apply before June because some Faculties of Health close on the 31st of June depending on the University. You must have good academic record in order for you to be eligible for a Bursary. Bursaries are not treated on a “first come first served basis”, you must do exceptionally well on your studies, and you know that learners are highly competitive. Work hard and definitely you gonna place yourself in a position of getting one. Good luck on your Matric.

  32. Hi,i’m Muziwakhe Ndima from KwaZulu-Natal(Newcastle),i’ll be doing Grade 12 this year(2014),i want to pursue my dream but only find it impossible to have funds to go for higher institutions,i have a dream of someday becomming a professional nurse,i really need financial aid,please help me

  33. I’m an ex matriculant of 2014.I’ve been orphaned ever since I was 2 years of age,I’ve been living on a child grant all my life,I want to pursue my dream but do not have the available my community,not everyone who has been in my shoes had completed their schooling but I had done it through hard struggles,I have a dream of someday becomming a professional nurse,I am very intelligent and I know what I want in my life,I’ve been through all kinds of problems in my life but still made it thus far alone,I really need financial aid,please help me

    • My name is Rozanne.I am currently 18 years of age.I come from a slowly developing town called Stanger.I completed my grade 12 year at Glenhills secondary school in the year 2013 obtaining a bachelors degree.I am now unemployed and am determined to study nursing for the reasons provided below.

      I am an orphan since the age of two. However,during my schooling career,I’d been living on a government grant.I completed my schooling career with only my daily necessities met and also having no moral support from anyone around me.

      I have many dreams and goals and one of them is to become a nurse.I feel that my duty here on earth is to take care of the ill and nurse them.I am passionate about taking care of people.I feel that I’ve made it thus far in my life and I do deserve a chance from you sir/madam,to complete my road to someday becoming a successful woman.In this process,I’d be able to rest assured knowing that the other childeren that have been placed in my situations as I grew up,can also be hard working and strongly self motivated as to the way I am.As in my community,not everyone who has been placed in my situations had made it through life as far as to where I am now with my career.

      I’ve also realized the many worldly destructions implicated upon my life and saw each obstacle as a new learning experience.I simply continue to do so with all my steps I take.

      I believe that this application letter is not sent to be granted sympathy but I’d like to be one of those successful applicants who may have an opportunity of achieving their goals and dreams through your bursary opportunity

      I thank you for taking the time to read my application letter and await a positive response.

  34. HI. I live in K.Z.N and am going to be in Grade 12 in 2014 and would really like information on bursaries that can help pay for medical school after I matriculate. My dream is to study at a medical school away from K.Z.N, such as U.C.T.

  35. Hi,I am a 23 year old female currently studying for a Diploma in Nursing(General,Community,Psychiatry) and Midwifery,but my dream has always been in studying Medicine. Oh I would do anything for that opportunity. Unfortunately I do not have a support system so I would like to know how I may get help to fulfil my dream. Thank you.

  36. Hi my name is vumelani (20) from estcourt kzn and I would like to know about bursaries and how to apply for it because I would like to do nursing Either paramedic next year 2014 please help me 0838605289

  37. Hi,i’m Thembi Dlomo…a female of 26 years old.I’m based in Durban.Currently finalising my bsc in Biochemistry and Physiology,wishing to persue an honours in Biochemistry in the year 2015 if i do get a bursary….thanks!

  38. Hi iam Wendy Sithole who is 21years old who lives at Durban ,I’m doing my first year at Netcare Education im about to become an Enrolled Auxillary Nurse,so i would like to get a bursary so that i can finish up my studies because one day i want to become a professional nurse ,Thank you.

  39. Hi
    My name is Lwazi Shongwe i ilive in durban i am doing my first year caurse at DUT, what is the closing dates for applications?

  40. Hi
    My name is Lwazi Shongwe i ilive in durban i am doing my first year caurse at DUT, what is the closing dates for applications?

  41. Hi. I am Thobeka from Ladysmith,i have matric, first aid level 2 and fire fighting level 2. I would like to go for EMRS but i can not afford it. Please help me out,i would not let you down. Thank you!

  42. hi, I am a lady of 18 years studying at Chatsmed candlelight nursing school, doing my first year leading to an enrolled auxiliary nurse. I wish to further my profession after finishing this 1 year program. I wish you can help me with the bursaries if available.


  44. Hi iam Lungelo and iam an enrolled nursing auxillary and wish to further my studies bt idont have the money to do so,so please help.


  46. Im a lady of 29 years of age so wishig to get a bursary to study and become a professional nursebt because of money i cant so wishing to get a bursay so to make my dream come true

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